Mason Jar Salads with Sous Vide Meats

Get 20% off select slow-cooked sous vide meats and shake up your routine with the ultimate prep-ahead lunch.



  • Premium Sliced Top Sirloin
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    Premium Sliced Top Sirloin

    A carnivore’s delight! Tender sous vide beef, slow-cooked and seasoned with savory herbs and spices.

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    $ 44.99 Serves 4-6
  • Grilled Salmon
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    Grilled Salmon


    Minimally seasoned with salt, our skinless, boneless and fully trimmed Atlantic salmon is first grilled then slow-cooked to the perfect tenderness. Enjoy this sous vide salmon as prepared by our chefs or season it up for a spicy variation. Either way, you can experience fine dining at home when you buy salmon online.

    0g Trans Fat | 32g Protein Per Serving 

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    $ 44.99 Serves 6
  • Poached Octopus
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    Poached Octopus

    Our gourmet poached sous vide octopus has been slow cooked until perfectly tender. Reheat this versatile dish quickly in a deep fryer, in a skillet, or on a grill — in addition to traditional reheating methods.

    Create an exotic, Middle Eastern-influenced dish by searing the tentacles in oil and serving over a bed of squid ink hummus. Grill the entire cephalopod over an open flame. You can even bread the tentacles, deep-fry them, and serve them with fries in a basket for a unique take on casual cuisine. 

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    $ 44.99 Serves 3-4
  • Seared Grilled Chicken Breast
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    Seared Grilled Chicken Breast

    Our seasoned gourmet chicken breast is a deliciously versatile performer in any kitchen. Before slowly cooking it sous vide, we grill and sear our chicken breast to enhance its natural flavor and tenderness. This perfectly cooked chicken is a high-protein dish that can pair with just about any vegetable or grain. Just heat and enjoy a chef-prepared home meal!

    Low Saturated Fat | 31g Protein Per Serving | 0g Trans Fat 

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    $ 28.99 Serves 8

*Serving sizes are based on our recommendations and do not always reflect portions listed in a product's nutritional facts.