Sous Vide Holiday Favorites Collection - Ships Free!

$ 99.00 $ 144.95 Sous Vide

  • Premium Sliced Top Sirloin: This customer favorite arrives perfectly cooked, seasoned, and sliced. High in protein and iron. Serves 4-6.
  • Turkey Roulade with Cranberries and Apples: Expertly prepared and cooked with the flavors of the season. Whether served as a hors d'oeuvre or as an entree option, our Roulade earns consistent five-star ratings from customers for its elegant presentation. Low in saturated fat. Serves 8-10. 
  • White Beans with Thyme and Garlic: No meal is complete without a standout side. This one ups the ante by serving as an entree option for vegan and vegetarian guests. Creamy cannellini beans combine with the perfect amount of garlic and thyme for a flavorful, ready-to-serve addition to the holiday table. Serves 7.
  • Coconut Chia Oatmeal: Award-winning for a reason! This gluten-free dessert is at once a health powerhouse and a truly decadent treat. Each serving boasts healthy omega-3’s, antioxidants, and fiber. We love to top ours with chocolate shavings and a berry puree. Serves 4.

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    "I became a chef because I like to be creative and work really hard."

    Edgar Steele

    Local Business Sales Representative

    "We’re our biggest critics, which allows us to stay ahead and be the world leader in sous vide."

    Gerard Bertholon

    Chief Strategy Officer

    "Quite honestly, I think Cuisine Solutions is the best of the best."

    Bruno Bertin

    Executive Chef

    "I was inspired by watching my mum cooking at home. The more I cooked, the more I enjoyed it. It has become a passion more than a job."

    Olivier Boinet

    Sous Chef, Culinary Services

    "Home chefs love our food because it’s so easy to use and is consistently excellent."

    Marc Brennet

    Vice President of Retail Brands

    "At Cuisine Solutions, I helped develop the Red Beans and Rice with Andouille Sausage, the Chicken Rollatini and the Red Thai Curry Chicken—all are delicious!"

    Míguel Garcia Calderón

    Research & Development Chef

    "My favorite Cuisine Solutions dishes are the Chicken Korma, the Grilled Salmon and the Beef Wellington. They’re all fantastic."

    Herve Chignon

    Director of Retail Brands

    "Our foods are user-friendly, offer big flavor and they have classical roots."

    Peter Coffey

    Culinary Sales Specialist, National Chain Accounts

    "Food is the perfect platform for creative expression."

    Robin Ferraro

    Account Manager, Giant Food

    "Cuisine Solutions follows the most basic of culinary rules: Find the best, freshest ingredients possible and prepare them simply to enhance their natural flavor."

    J. Hemmer

    Director of Sales, On-Board Services

    "I became a chef because, just like a scientist or engineer, this profession has a technical aspect—and I enjoy that."

    Bhasker Raghav

    Business Development Manager, On-Board Services

    "I love to work with food, be creative and make people happy."

    Julien Vanderlynden

    Research & Development Manager

    "I enjoy seeing how food crosses cultural lines and brings people together regardless of their background."

    Rodney Carter

    Sous chef

    "Cuisine Solutions incorporates passion, fresh ingredients and creative ideas to make dishes anyone can enjoy."

    Stephanie Daly

    Sous Chef, Culinary Services

    "I became a chef because I love food."

    Jean-Pierre Guillaud

    Chief Operating Officer

    "Our creativity and attention to detail allows us to be the leader in sous vide cooking."

    Jeff Sklaney

    Culinary Sales Specialist—Retail Brands