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Quality in, quality out. Our world-class chefs demand the best ingredients from around the globe. That’s what you’ll find in every Cuisine Solutions dish.

Grass-fed, free-range beef and lamb from New Zealand and Australia. All-natural, sustainable wild salmon from Alaska. Organic pimento peppers from Peru. Just a few examples of the lengths we go to in bringing you restaurant-quality dishes you can enjoy in minutes.

Every Cuisine Solutions dish represents an authentic recipe developed by our international team of chefs. To us, quality means the highest safety standards. That’s why we take care to seal, pasteurize, flash-freeze, and ship meals on dry ice direct to you. You’ll taste the quality in every bite when you order our gourmet food online.

Heat, serve, enjoy. Restaurant-quality dining at home has never been easier. Our dishes are fully cooked, all you need to do is heat them for a few minutes. Or store them in the freezer—they’ll keep for more than a year.

Unexpected company coming? Order prepared meal delivery from Cuisine Solutions to get easy meals for large groups. Our dishes are good enough to impress the most demanding palate. Just don’t feel like cooking tonight? No problem. We’ve done the cooking for you, so you simply heat, eat and relax.

With Cuisine Solutions prepared meal delivery dishes in your freezer, serving a restaurant-quality meal is faster than takeout. And worlds away from fast food.

Our dishes are naturally delicious and good for you. We pioneered and perfected the sous vide slow-cooking method that locks in moisture, flavor and nutrients.

Because sous vide involves cooking food in vacuum-sealed pouches at low temperatures, it preserves the nutrients in our high-quality ingredients. And because sous vide naturally seals in flavor and moisture, we don’t have to add extra seasonings or flavor enhancers or tenderizers to our healthy prepared meals. And never preservatives.

Our process also eliminates unnecessary handling, so you can enjoy healthy, chef-prepared foods safely at home.

Enjoy Restaurant-Quality Dishes at Home, Safely

Vacuum sealed, fully cooked, and pasteurized

Minimal handling for peace of mind

Preserve in the freezer for more than a year

What is sous vide Cooking?

Sous vide is French for “under-vacuum". In the sous vide cooking method, food is vacuum-sealed in a specially designed pouch and slow-cooked in a water bath at low temperatures. No other cooking method produces such ideal textures and flavors. No other method maintains the nutritional content of foods so well. That’s why our sous vide dishes are trusted by the world’s top chefs and favored by passionate foodies and busy families. With our gourmet food delivery service, you can enjoy sous vide at home.

Ideal Flavor and Texture

The sous vide cooking method is all about cooking low and slow. With moisture sealed in, your food comes out tender and delicious.

Perfect Every Time

Just heat and enjoy. The precision of the sous vide cooking method means your food is cooked perfectly, every time.

Naturally Nutritious

No additives or preservatives needed. The sous vide technique seals in the nutrients naturally found in our high-quality ingredients.

About Cuisine Solutions

The masters of sous vide since 1971. Creating dishes for chefs, by chefs.

Meet “the Einstein of Cooking”

That's what famous chefs around the world call Dr. Bruno Goussault, our chief scientist and the man who launched the revolutionary sous vide cooking method back in 1971. Today, Dr. Goussault’s research is at the heart of every dish created by our international team of highly skilled, experienced chefs.

Classically Trained Chefs

Our recipes don’t come out of a research lab. They are developed by our international team of award-winning chefs. Chefs who have experience in Michelin-starred restaurants and commercial kitchens of all kinds. Chefs who love food and love to cook.

Trusted the World Over

Recognized as the worldwide authority on cooking sous vide, Cuisine Solutions is a trusted supplier to fine restaurants and premier hotels, first-class airlines and cruise lines, gourmet markets and the military, and restaurant chains across the United States and around the globe.

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